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President and Representative Director
Yasuhide Hiai

Since our establishment in 1984, we have been delivering firefly squid and Japanese glass shrimp products as a taste of Toyama Bay to our customers.

Our products, which are carefully processed in a clean and hygienic environment, have been well received among the public.

We will continue to improve and take on new challenges, and we appreciate your continued support.

Values We Hold Dear


We aim to create products that are taster, fresher, and safer.

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We take pride in handling fish from Toyama Bay, a “natural fish tank”.

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We contribute to the creation of sustainable communities. Specifically, we will promote the employment of women, seniors, people with disabilities, and people from other countries (SDGs: 5, 8, 10) and utilize our precious marine resources in a sustainable manner (SDGs: 14).

​​Company Profile

​ Nikko Kaisan Co., Ltd.
 September 1984
 President and Representative Director Yasuhide Hiai
 10 million yen
 Hokuriku Bank Iwase Branch​
 Toyama Daiichi Bank Iwase Branch
​Main customers
 Purchasing: Fishery cooperatives in the prefecture
 Sales: Major public markets nationwide, food wholesalers, ryokan hotels, various restaurant chains
​Main Products
 Firefly squid and Japanese glass shrimp products from Toyama Bay

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