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Japanese Glass Shrimp Processing

Japanese glass shrimp, known as the "Jewel of Toyama Bay," are considered luxurious and expensive due to the small annual catch. In the past, it was only consumed locally because it was difficult to transport and preserve due to its rapid loss of freshness, but with the development of processing technology, it is now becoming increasingly popular in all regions of Japan.


Japanese Glass Shrimp
Product List

Peeled Japanese Glass Shrimp

We carefully peeled fresh Japanese glass shrimps in the raw state.

Please enjoy its rich and refined sweetness.

For use as sashimi or sushi.


Japanese Glass Shrimp Kobu-jime

We wrap the peeled Japanese glass shrimp in oboro konbu (kelp) and make it into a kobu-jime.

The flavor of the kelp enhances the taste of the Japanese glass shrimp.


​​Firefly Squid Processing

Firefly squid, known as the "Mystery of Toyama Bay," come to the shores of Toyama Bay from March to May to spawn. In recent years, firefly squid have been landed in other areas, but they are not as tasty or as large as those from Toyama, the home of firefly squid. We process Kitokito firefly squid while they are still fresh and deliver their seasonal flavor to you throughout the year.

​Firefly squid product list


Firefly squid marinated in tamari
(aged soy sauce)

This is a gem of fresh firefly squid marinated in our original tamari soy sauce.

You will enjoy its rich flavor.

Salted Firefly Squid

Salted firefly squid made from fresh firefly squid using our own unique process. A good dish for starters. Please enjoy it with cooked rice.

FullSizeRender-compressed 2_edited.jpg

Firefly Squid with Squid Ink

We use our own unique method to make fresh firefly squid into firefly squid with squid ink. It is well received for its unique taste, a taste that has been passed down from generation to generation in Echu.

Frozen Firefly Squid

We freeze freshly landed firefly squid.

It can be used not only for sashimi, but also for shabu-shabu, ishiyaki, etc.


Boiled Firefly Squid

We boiled fresh firefly squid landed in Toyama Bay in plenty of hot water. It is also excellent with vinegared miso dressing or stir-fried with butter.

Dishes made with our products

Both our white shrimp and firefly squid can be used in a wide variety of dishes.

They are not limited to Japanese cuisine, but are particularly well suited to Italian cuisine!


Japanese glass shrimp peperoncino


​Arrabiata with boiled firefly squid

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